shoulder vinyasa
Yoga for Knee Problems
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Balance poses require the most focus in your yoga practice. Falling out of poses is natural and allows us to express grace, humility and persistence as we regain our focus and try again.

shoulder vinyasa

Shoulder Vinyasa

This hour long vinyasa flow class focuses on opening and strengthening the shoulders.

Yoga for Knee Problems

Yoga for Knee Pain

A yoga practice for people with sensitive knees. If you have knee pain, stiffness, arthritis, or even knee replacements, this is the class for you. We will use props and modifications to make this class accessible to people with knee issue


Kelani – Polynesian Dance Part Two

Once you feel your hips opening up you will find your range of motion will increase, your movements will become more fluid, the speed will increase….and you might just catch yourself in state of euphoria! Remember you are releasing the root chakra!


Handstand Tutorial – Urdhva Vrksasana

Handstand (Urdhva Vrksasana) is one of the more challenging poses. The challenges reveal a lot about who you are and how you are feeling that day.

Destress for the Holidays

De-Stress for the Holidays

  It’s true, the holidays can be stressful. It can be a joyous occasion to see friends and family over the holidays, but the holidays also bring a lot of stress. From braving the crazy shopping centres, trying to find the right gifts for the right people, and even spending time with people we don’t […]

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Mat To The Rescue

While Mama Nature works out the kinks of her majestic move into Spring, I wanted to share a story of love, perseverance and a touch of ingenuity. My mother is one of the strongest women I know, but these days she is less in touch with her hopeful and courageous side than with the darkness […]

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How Yoga Changed My Life~ Opal Barton

Hi ! My name is Opal.  I am a nurse ,a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and a Health coach and this is how yoga changed my life! I “found “yoga about 8 years ago in the Avon book !! I bought the dvd and was anxious to get home and do YOGA ! Oops this […]


Teacher Feature Michelle Marchildon

She’s the author of two books on yoga, a columnist for elephant journal and Mantra Yoga and Health, and an ambassador for Teachasana. She teaches Hatha Yoga in Denver, Colorado, where she’s also raising a family of two boys, two dogs and one husband.


My Body, My Practice, My Yoga

When I began yoga teacher training at the age of 51, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew for many years that I would someday become a teacher, but to tell you that I was ready when the opportunity presented itself was quite another story. My yoga practice was sporadic […]

New Classes Coming On Yogasteya! Happy Knee Flow and PowerFul Vinyasa Flow

Here is a little taste of my knee-less Vinyasa! Coming soon    

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Ode To The Power Of My Belly ~Julie Leatherbarrow

I have a round belly. At the age of (almost) 42 and the mother of three children, one would expect roundness to my belly butmy belly has ALWAYS been round. Even as a skinny ten year old.

Like most people, I have struggled to accept the roundness of certain parts of my body. I have worn shirts that completely hide my belly and I have also worn shirts that totally showed off my belly.