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Vinyasa for Bigger Bodies

In this hour long class we heat up the body, work on core strength and strengthen the shoulders. Just because you are a bigger bodied yogini doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a long powerful Vinyasa flow!


Shoulderless Vinyasa

Fresh off the request line from one of members is a shoulder-less vinyasa flow. What does that mean? No chaturanga- the poses in a yoga flow that move you from plank all the way on to your belly. It’s very hard for sore shoulders to do so we build a practice around removing that pose. […]

30 minute yoga practice for a better back

Thirty Minutes to a Better Back

Enjoy this thirty minute flow to strengthen your back. Join Dianne as she leads Julianne (and you!) through a 30 minute flow designed to gently warm up your whole body, and give special attention to your core.

Standing Side Bends

60 Minute Vinyasa Flow with Josie

The breath and body flow together in a peaceful, yet challenging practice.

Join Josie and Candy for this 60 Minute Vinyasa. You’ll love Josie’s masterfully crafted flows, bringing you from “slow and gentle” to “a little faster and more intense,” at just the right times throughout your practice.


60 Minute Yin Yoga

Move effortlessly through soothing yin postures and simple meditations to the calming voice of Yin Yoga master Gwen. Let her guide you from your over stimulated world, letting your body fall where it wants to be naturally. Find the surprising joy of “Flossing your spine” and sinking into “Blockasana”!


Jump Backs, Hop Forwards and Side Plank

Here’s a quick tutorial on Jump Backs, Hope Forwards and Side Plank.

From the Blog

Ann Son

My Son, My Guru

During a recent rant at the television about some representation of sexist imagery, my son who was peacefully eating his dinner interrupted me with his ‘mama chill’ signal. “Mom, Come Back.” This cue is not unfamiliar to me.  In fact, Chris has had to say it to me more often than not over the last […]


Four Things About Yoga That Surprised Me!

On purpose, I am not religious. My adult years have given me a spirituality that I’ve adjusted & readjusted as times change around me. This particular time of my life called for yoga. And I have graciously & humbly found in yoga some of the things I missed about organized religion. 1. Community: I’m one […]


Lighten Your Yoga And Practice Yoga in the Water

Over a decade ago I was invited to explore the possibility of bringing a meaningful yoga practice to people with larger bodies and/or injury in the water. I would love to share some of my findings here in the hope that you or someone you know might find a new way to improve their health […]


I Am The Puppy

Since yoga is life and life is yoga, I thought I would share this personal story with you. Those of you who have followed my blog on Yogasteya know that I have devoted several posts to my mother and my struggle to care for myself and for her as she struggled to live.  On September […]

in the forest

Take Care-The Practice of Ahimsa

In the Yoga Sutras, the first of the Yamas, or principles of ethical behavior, is the concept of Ahimsa, or non-harm. This is one is very dear to me because it is foundational in our ways of moving in the world and treating others as well as how we treat ourselves in all aspects of living.

Jack Kornfield In the end, just three things matter, how well we have lived, how well we have loved, how well we have learned to let go

Learning How to Let Go of Perfection

Yoga has provided tons of benefits during the 11 years that I have practiced it. It stretched and strengthened my formerly tight and inflexible muscles. My joints, once inflamed by an autoimmune disease, became more limber and less painful. At the end of each session, I felt more alive, yet peaceful than I ever knew was possible.