shoulder vinyasa
Yoga for Knee Problems

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60 Minute Vinyasa

Enjoy this 60 Minute level 2 Vinyasa class when you need a good strong physical practice. Dianne Leads Yogasteya member Shannon through this practice which contains Dancer Pose as the Pinnacle Pose.


Beth Has a Beautiful Yoga Practice

Beth and I have been practicing together for 9 years, and I am always in awe of her beautiful spirit and practice. Practice along with Beth in this 3 minute Vinyasa. You’ll be glad you did! This is a preview of a 40 minute class that you can get when you are a member of […]


Kelani with Hannah

Enjoy this Polynesian inspired dance class with Hannah and Kelani instructor Iona. Kelani infuses yogic principles with dance and rhythmic movements.


Five Minute Core Workout

Join Yogasteya member Julianne for a quick 5 minute core class. A strong core is important for a strong pain-free back. Take this routine with you wherever you go and add it into your regular yoga practice.  



Balance poses require the most focus in your yoga practice. Falling out of poses is natural and allows us to express grace, humility and persistence as we regain our focus and try again.

shoulder vinyasa

Shoulder Vinyasa

This hour long vinyasa flow class focuses on opening and strengthening the shoulders.

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Alignment as Practice

When we think of alignment in yoga, it’s often within the context of bringing more awareness to how we move from one asana to the next in order to reap the greatest benefit for our bodies and minds.  

This attention to alignment, supported by props or not, gives us the incentive to move deeper into our practice without harming ourselves.

anna guest jelley

Teacher Feature: Curvy Yoga’s Anna Guest Jelley

Tell us about yourself? Hi there! I’m Anna Guest-Jelley, founder of Curvy Yoga, a training and inspiration portal for students of all shapes and sizes. How did you get started teaching yoga? I started teaching yoga after close to a decade of practice because I wanted to share yoga with other bigger-bodied people like me. […]

Simplicity (2)

Inside Tadasana

  Sometimes the most deceptively simple poses are the most grounding for me. Tadasana, Dandasana, Savasana- standing, sitting, resting are all foundational, all essential and instructional.  In all of these poses, proper alignment and awareness is key as well as the subtle shifts that take place in our upper and lower body as we find […]

Life on purpose

Finding My Purpose

Becoming a parent changed everything for me. Everything. It is without a doubt, the best and hardest work I’ve ever done, especially because I want so badly to do it well. I’m sure most parents would agree. There was a time in the not-so-distant past, when I thought my job as a parent was to […]

Beth reidy 4

Yogasteya Member Spotlight Beth Reidy

Meet Yogasteya Member Beth Reidy  Tell us about yourself Hi, I am Beth, 41, administrator for a medical equipment & supply company. Love paperwork, organization and order, so it is the perfect job for me. Practicing yoga for about 8 years. Love to read, must do it every day. Love walking and being outside (except […]


Teacher Feature: Ioana Aboumitri Creator of the MBS Hippy Movement

Tell us about yourself?  My name is Ioana Aboumitri. I’m a wife and mother of three amazing girls who inspire me every day: Leilani, 10; Keona, 7 and our little baby Mahniya, almost 3 months old. I’m the creator and founder of KELANI International, a holistic movement inspired by Polynesia (where my mother is from) […]