Best of the Web – An Apology, Shameless Self-Promotion and Something Random

Okay, this will be a very short little blog post. The site is going live to the public on Monday. It is now 11:30pm on Saturday night and I have been staring at this computer screen non-stop for four weeks getting this site ready! LoL. So my apologies for the short blog post.

And for the shameless self promotion …………. Elephant Journal posted an article that Dianne wrote intitled “Yoga: Not just for Young, Skinny White Girls.” It was lots of fun watching it go (semi) viral. The article received 849 shares and 45 comments.

Something Random — What types of random thoughts do you have during a yoga class? Sure the idea is to slow down the chatter of your mind, but we just can’t seem to stop it all together. I came across a random blog post about random thoughts in a yoga class.

So what random thoughts do you have during class?

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