Di4spDear Fellow Yoga Lover,

I used to get so frustrated when I would go to a new yoga studio and felt like I didn’t fit in. If yoga really is for everyone, then why don’t I see more people that look like me? You know… curvier, and not the yoga stereotype. That’s why I created Yogasteya.

When you’re a Yogasteya member, you have unlimited 24/7 access to all sorts of yoga classes to fit your schedule and needs. Unlike so many yoga experiences that seem to celebrate the “Perfect Yoga Body,” at Yogasteya we celebrate the human body and all of it’s “imperfections.” It doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, fat, or skinny. You’ll feel welcomed here.

Now, we all know yoga has plenty of benefits.

check-green-24pxwYes, Yoga can help improve the looks of your body, – but it’s so much more.

check-green-24pxw Yoga makes you more aware of your body, improving your posture, strengthening your back and core, adding grace and fluiditity to your movements.

check-green-24pxw Yoga is a huge immune booster. That means tipping the odds in your favor of a long HEALTHY life.

check-green-24pxw Yoga helps you deal with stress more effectively.

check-green-24pxw Yoga makes you more productive. Increased Energy + Mental Clarity = More Life

When you begin your yoga practice

You’ll Notice the Physical Benefits First, You‘ll Feel Stronger, Your Clothes will Fit Better.

Then Your Friends will Start to Notice. They Might Ask Why You’re Smiling so Much, or Why You Seem so Much Happier.

Yoga helps you focus on the present moment. This gives you greater clarity and the allows you to focus on the important things in life. With this comes a deeper, fuller life. I have seen this in myself, my teachers and my students.

Our Yogasteya community provides you with,

check-green-24pxZero intimidation or judgement. Just a warm supportive environment with unlimited yoga classes any time of the day or night

check-green-24pxOver 70 High Quality Yoga Classes with Clear Concise Instructions – and two new classes each month

check-green-24pxClasses from 10 minutes to 120 minutes – So you can always get a practice in,

check-green-24pxRight in The Comfort of Your Own Home – Anywhere you have an internet connection – No need to drive to the studio,

check-green-24px24/7 Access

check-green-24pxGetting Your Questions Answered on our “Social Wall” or in our Private Facebook Group,

check-green-24pxLive Skype Classes with Dianne and other Yogasteya members

If you are new to Yoga and feel a little intimidated, don’t worry, we’ll guide you gently from the start with these quickstart guides.

A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

Become a Member Today and Get This Free Bonus.
Intro to Yoga DVD

No Experience with Yoga? Need a Return to The Basics?

- This Four Part Intro Series Will be Your Guide!

  • Standing Poses
  • Seated Poses
  • Transitions
  • Yogic Breath
  • Meditation

This series is what you need to start a lifelong strong and healthy yoga practice. Plus, even if you choose not to stay a member, you can download the mp3′s of these classes and they’re yours to keep. A token of our appreciation.

Bonus 2 Yoga for Bigger Bodies

Learn to Love Your Curves with this Yoga for Bigger Bodies Series

  • The Basics – Modifications
  • Transitions
  • Healthy Backs
  • Flow – Hips Shoulders and an Open Heart

Set the fundamentals of a safe strong practice. Even if you choose not to stay a member, You can download the mp3′s of these classes and they’re yours to keep!

Yoga For Bigger Bodies

Since I’ve begun this journey of making yoga more available to differing body types, I have met many like minded teachers. You can practice with them here.

Meet some of the other fantastic teachers you can practice with at Yogasteya

Over 70 Streaming Classes

Here are just a few of the classes.

Dianne’s personal practice

Although my personal practice changes daily, this series is a great foundation to build on. This 40 minute practice begins gently with centering, pranayama and gentle cat/cow. Then we move on to some Sun Salutations, Wide Legged Forward Fold, Goddess Pose and more.

Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations are a staple of any Hatha Yoga series. A set number of poses repeated to fully warm up the physical body. Sun Salutes can be used as a complete practice themselves or used as a basis to build upon.

Basic Flow For Beginners

A 35 minute basic flow. Enjoy moving through Sun Salutations, Warrior, Chair Pose, Side Plank and more.

Love for Your Back

This gentle 60 minute class will work on your low back, hips and shoulders to help return flexibility and mobility to your back and a smile to your face.

Abundance of Energy

This 35 minute Vinyasa Power Flow class is perfect for those times you need a quick energetic class to detoxify or start your day. For those with a strong practice this will challenge and invigorate you. For those new to yoga, simply watching Christine and Angelas beautiful practices may inspire you to take your practice to new heights.

15 Minute Gentle Evening Practice

Sore neck, back shoulder or legs? Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? This 15 minute gentle class has what it takes to get you back to feeling whole again.

30 Minute Power Vinyasa

A 30 minute level two/three Power Vinyasa Flow class that will give you a good work out and get your heart pumping to help you burn off nervous energy or get you ready to start your day.

You Can also Choose Your Class by Time



We Will Be Adding At Least 2 New Videos a Month

and The Best Part?

They Will Be Based On Your Feedback and Suggestions!

Meet some of our members,

jmcleanJust enjoyed this class after my son went to bed! Love this so much! =)
Thank you!
~ J. McLean, Windsor ON

tluffmanWonderful class! I am a big fan of yoga because it gives me the relaxation I need in order to make it through my day. This routine did exactly as it promised, prepared me for my day! I love what you are doing here, your an inspiration and I see myself sticking with yogasteya for years to come.
~ T. Luffman Dalton GA

nadia I love this site! The classes are fantastic and I can always find one to fit my mood and needs!

~ Nadia Z. Flint MI.

InesI was beyond excited when you announced that you would be launching an online studio. I started back up at school, and between school, homework, my son and general life, it doesn’t leave me much time to get to the studio, so I am absolutely ecstatic that I now can have your classes online in my living room!!!
~ I. Exaltacion, Windsor ON

marniI thoroughly enjoyed waking up this morning with the beautiful and bendy Amy and your sweet voice Dianne! I Missed you and now I can have you even at this crazy hour of the day! Great class to start my day with, Can’t wait to try more! Thank you
~ M. DeJoseph Windsor ON.


Yoga should be accessible to everyone.
That’s why we’re focused on keeping Yoga affordable.


Let’s Look at what the average Yogi might spend on their practice…
Cost of a Monthly Studio Membership $75 – $150
Cost of Gas to get to Studio and Back $50 a month
The time you spend in traffic, hoping you get to the studio before they lock the doors… Priceless. lol
You get unlimited access to all the classes on this website for about 30 cents a day! That’s not even half a cup of coffee. lol.

Remember, in addition to the “Intro to Yoga” and “Yoga for Bigger Bodies” quick start guides, you also receive,

  • Over 70 High Quality Yoga Classes for all fitness levels (and two new classes each month)
  • Classes from 10 minutes to 120 minutes
  • Right in The Comfort of Your Own Home
  • 24/7 Access
  • Getting Your Questions Answered on our “Social Wall” or in our Private Facebook Group,
  • Live Skype Classes with Dianne.
Yes! Give me the Yoga.
Unlimited Yoga – In the Comfort of Your Own Home,
for as long as you stay a member
Cancel anytime. No minimum membership length



Let’s Keep a Strong Yoga Practice for the Rest of our Lives.

Now there is only one more thing you need to know…. as a Professional Yoga Teacher, I am held to some very high ethical standards. There is a TON of Value in your membership, however, If at any time you find Yogasteya not working for you it’s very easy to cancel, and you will not be charged again.

Try the first month for only $4.95. If you are not happy you can easily cancel anytime. You can get a full refund anytime in the first 60 days

If yogasteya.com is merely a stepping stone on your journey, that’s great. I wish you nothing but happiness and wonderful experiences on your life’s journey. You’re not locked into a long term “cell phone” kind of membership. You can cancel at any time.

Read my 100% Money Back Good Karma Guarantee below for the details.

It`s Time to Do Something For Yourself

Yoga’s benefits are diverse and plentiful . Let the Asana (Physical Practice) lead the way.

Do Your Practice and All is Coming ―Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois

If you have any questions please email me and I’ll get right Back to You,

With Gratitude,


Contact me here with any questions Yogasteya(@)gmail.com

P.S. In order to get access to the videos you need to become a member. Becoming a member is fast, inexpensive and risk free. If you are unsatisfied in any way you will get a full refund as per my “Good Karma” Guaruntee!

Yes! Give me the Yoga.
Unlimited Yoga – In the Comfort of Your Own Home,
for as long as you stay a member
Cancel anytime. No minimum membership length


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